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   July's Oils of the Month:
Available for July only: Hairline, Loving Care, and Ticaboo Blends, Lavender and Orange singles 10 ml bottles each.  You save $35.00!
Sale $120.00

The essential oils we carry are Be Young brand created by Dana Clay Young.  They are pure therapeutic grade, EOBBD tested, essential oils, they are from either organic or wild-crafted plants and contain no additives, extenders, or synthetics.  Most of them are even approved by the FDA as GRAS for internal consumption!  They are the best of the best.

Dana Clay Young has left ForeverGreen and started his own company called Be Young.  We have gone with him!  Click on the article below to see how that affects the way we will be serving you.

Up! Up! Up

Do you want to Be Young too?  Membership is currently free with any order!  Just click on the Be Young--sign up button to the left for more information.

We want to remind you to always keep your essential oils out of reach of children, but upon occasion they do get into them.  Please read the following articles for ways to deal with any challenges this may cause.

What to do if a child gets into your essential oils

Approximately once a week we send out an e-mail covering a health topic.  These topics are chosen from the questions you e-mail us.   These articles can also be found in our Library section under Health Topics.  We also put some items on sale for that week only--items relate to products used to help with the health topic.  Sometimes we also offer a newsletter only coupon.  Are you missing out?  Sign up on our yahoogroup to receive this e-mail.  Click here to sign up with the TracesEssentialOils yahoo group.  You can also subscribe to our newsletter via mail--you will get one mailing a month, it will include our regular newsletter and four or five health articles.  See our store to purchase a subscription.

"Anointing with oil was symbolic of change in a person's status."  (Encyclopedia Judaica Jr.)  When you begin using essential oils you will change your status in life.  You will become a person who wants to become more than they are right now, someone who wants to see hope, life, and improvement in their future!  Let us help you make that future come true.

If you have any questions or need to place an order for something not yet listed in the store feel free to contact us at 208-852-2295 or e-mail us at info@tracesetc.com